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Heat Recovery Ventilation - ECLIPSE

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Heat Recovery Ventilation

The Eclipse provides an effective solution for
severe damp and condensation problems. Unlike
conventional extractor fans which just suck out
expensive heat from the home and other less
efficient heat recovery ventilators, the ECLIPSE
recovers 80% of heat - even when operating on
boost mode.

• Easily fitted with 6" Core drill
• Suitable for use in a wide variety of domestic,
commercial and light industrial environments,
including; kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms,
living rooms, bedrooms, lavatories and
washrooms and offices.
• Test with outside air temperature at 7° C and
inside room temperature at 23° C
• Average Volume of air exchanged 370m³/24h
(assuming an average of 80% trickle and 20%
• Temperatures: External 7° C, Internal 23° C
and Incoming air 20° C
• Heat exchange efficiency 80%
• Noise factors: on trickle 21 dBA, on boost 45 dBA
• Electrical consumption: on trickle 9.3 Watts,
on boost 46 Watts
• Diameter of fan blades: 110mm
• Diameter of core drill for fitting 152mm

ECLIPSE White/Terra Cotta

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ECLIPSE Heat Recovery Ventilation
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Stadium Ventilation Products
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Stadium Ventilation Products
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