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Black Hole Ventilator
'Black Hole®' ventilation
products provide the answer to
the dangerous practice of
ventilators being blocked off
by occupiers who are being
annoyed by draughts. This
makes an important contribution
to safety. New tests show that
while this works the ventilator
may not pass the required
amount of air when the
appliance is operating.
The Benefits of a 'Black Hole®'

• Stops wind blasting in - the air flow within the duct is slowed down by
the change of direction and by the vortices formed, reducing draughts
to a minimum.

• Stops light showing through - the occupier cannot see through the
ventilator and is less likely to be worried that insects and vermin may
enter the house through it.

• Stops light shining out - night flying insects like moths, crane flies and
mosquitoes are not attracted in.

• Absorbs outside noise - reduces the penetration of traffic noise. The
internal construction works as a sound baffle.

• Allows air to be pulled through by the appliance when it is operating.

• Safety - with draught and light annoyance problems eliminated, the
occupier will not be tempted to block off the vent.

The 'Black Hole®' Magic Explained

As outside wind pressure increases, a normal ventilator lets more
air through causing annoying draughts.

Inside the Stadium 'Black Hole®' Ventilator vortices are formed
behind the internal blades as the incoming air is forced to change
direction. The gap that the air is able to pass through narrows. As
wind pressure increases, the vortices grow, so reducing the total air
flow, finally tumbling and slowing to a trickle, thereby cutting down
annoying draughts.

However, when the heating appliance is operating, air is drawn through
the vent and actually speeds up within the constricted air flow between
the vortices, thus maintaining the correct amount of air into the room
or compartment to allow the fuel to burn efficiently and flue gases
to escape.

When the appliance is not working, incoming air is reduced to a
minimum, even on windy days. The actual physical difference is that
of air blown or drawn. The energy of the blown air (wind) is quickly
dissipated by the restriction of the internal shape and the vortices,
while the drawn air will flow smoothly round the vortices.
BM720 Anti-Draught 'Black Hole® Ventilator'
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for Details
BM725 Core Drill 'Black Hole® Ventilator'
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for Details
BM700/3, 700/4, 700/5 Anti-Draught 'Black Hole® Vario' Ventilator
BM700/3 - rustic red
BM700/4 - buff sand
BM700/5 - rustic brown
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BM701/3, 701/4, 701/5 Anti-Draught 'Black Hole® Vario' Ventilator
BM701/3 - rustic red
BM701/4 - buff sand
MB701/5 - rustic brown
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BM418/B, 418/W, 418/T and 418/L Core Drill 'Black Hole® Vario' Ventilator
BM418/B - brown cowl, white internal grille w/baffle
BM418/W - white cowl, white internal grille w/baffle
BM418/T - terra cotta cowl, white internal grille w/baffle
BM418/L - brown cowl, white internal grille w/o baffle
(610mm tube)
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BM418HR/B and BM418HR/W Core Drill 'Black Hole® Vario' Ventilator
BM418HR/B - brown external cowl, white internal grille
BM418HR/W - white external cowl, white internal grille

A special version for use in high rise buildings.
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